Professional Overview

Stefanie Tial

Stefanie Tial

Sales Operations Analyst

Sales operations leader with 8+ years of progressive experience in sales ops, business development, and customer service. Experienced in managing customized revenue, transaction, activity, and other ad hoc reports and dashboards in and Excel. Strong focus on clearly defining and streamlining processes to ensure clarity, efficiency, and ease of use for the end user.

Core competencies include, Excel, sales operations, analytical reporting, change management, strategic planning, leadership, training, and process documentation.

Dual citizen of the USA and the European Union (Germany).

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Are you paying for but not really sure you're getting that 70% ROI you thought you would? Do you find yourself wasting hours hunting down Salesforce how-to videos? Even worse, is your sales manager spending more time building fields than relationships? If this sounds all too familiar, I can help you regain your time and make your CRM investment worthwhile.

Reporting & Analysis

Not sure about what numbers to look at?  Are you tired of VLOOKUPs, pivot tables, and all things Excel? Would you like to spend more time creating content, talking to customers, or doing a million other things besides crunching numbers? Focus on the things you do best, and let me handle the reports, dashboards, and data analysis for you.

Docs & Training

Is all of your training done through word-of-mouth? Has your sales process been clearly defined in the first place? Stop with the traditional folklore style of training and get your processes down on paper! I'll help you create the documentation necessary to ensure the ball is never dropped and will make sure your sales teams know your sales process as well.

Grow your business

There are only so many hours in a day. Are you ready to take back your time?
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